English Menu

Hot sausages

  • Kabanoss – Our Kabanoss is hot, long and thin, contains beef and pork and seasoned with pepper and a lot of garlic. Our bestseller.
  • Cayenne sausage – Was previously known as ‘Ziegeuner’ and is a hot, thick sausage with cayenne pepper and garlic, made of pork.
  • House – The House sausage is a hot and thick sausage, and is similar to the Kabanoss with pepper and garlic. Contains beef and pork.

Medium hot sausages

  • Sremska – Sremska is a medium hot, thick sausage with pepper, garlic and mustard seeds. Beef and pork.
  • Coburger Berzelii – This thin and long sausage is seasoned with a lot of black pepper and small amounts of garlic. Pork.
  • Lamb merguez – A thin un-smoked sausage with spices such as cumin and garlic. Free from pork. One of our top sellers.
  • Oriental – A thin, long sausage with lamb and beef mixed together. Contains spices such as garlic and curry. Free from pork.
  • Ox sausage – Thin sausage made of beef with lamb intestine, seasoned with garlic among other spices. Free from pork.
  • Chorizo – A thick sausage with garlic and a small amount of pepper, not unfamiliar to many. Made of pork.
  • Tiroler – An Austrian thick sausage with garlic and mustard seeds.  Has a similar taste to Salami and is made of pork.
  • Currywurst – Consists of white, finely grounded Bratwurst made of pork which is cut and seasoned with yellow curry. With this sausage you get a homemade curry sauce in the baguette. No garlic.
  • Turkish sausage/Suyuk – A thick well-smoked sausage with beef and lamb, without garlic but with peppers.

Mild sausages

  • Polish Bratwurst – A thick meaty bratwurst with cumin and garlic. Pork.
  • German Bratwurst – A light(white) sausage, finely grounded with pork and beef mixed together. Without garlic but contains onion.
  • Jägerwurst – A thick, mild sausage with juniper berry flavor. No garlic. Pork.
  • Alpenwurst – A mild and juicy bratwurst with garlic and mustard seeds. Pork and beef.
  • Thüringer Weisswurst – A white, thick, meaty sausage with small amount of garlic and marjoram. Pork and veal.
  • Italian bratwurst – A thick, mild bratwurst with small amount of garlic. Pork.
  • Cheese sausage – A thick sausage with peppers and Emmentaler cheese. In the grill, the cheese in the sausage gets very warm, so be cautious when taking the first bites. No garlic.
  • Leberkäs – A meatloaf made of pork seasoned with herbs such as thyme, marjoram and basil. (Contains egg)
  • Bamse sausage/Giant sausage /Breakfast sausage – A mild thick sausage without garlic. Pork.
  • Halloumi toast – Sliced and grilled halloumi and tomato in baguette with our spicy tomato sauce.
  • Chicken sausage – Made of chicken and sheep intestine
  • Farmers Vegetarian- Red lenses, white and red beans and spices within a thin layer of Algiers.
  • Vegan Chorizo- contains carrot, oil, salt, spices such as garlic and cayenne.

And of course

  • Cooked sausage – Lithell’s wiener sausage, pork and beef. No garlic.
  • Grilled sausage – The ones we buy are made of pork and beef and are grilled after you order it. No garlic.
  • Stockholmer – A thin, grilled sausage which is a little bit meatier and has more flavor than a regular grilled sausage. Contains small amounts of garlic and is made of pork and beef.


  • Pickle – One extra together with your food.
  • Halloumi – One slice 
  • One container/jar pickles or sauerkraut.
  • Sweet pickle


  • Tetra 
  • Can
  • Pucko (chocolate drink)
  • Pago juice
  • Aquador- still water

Baguette single     

Baguette double         (two sausages in one bread- feel free to mix 2 different ones)

Potato salad on a plate w/o bread  

or Bun/white bread  

When smaller/thinner sausages we take 2 as a single, 4 as a double 😉